Mancala: FS5 App Reviews

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Doesnt work

Last version doesnt work!!! And this version still doesnt work

Tolles Spiel, aber...

Aber die Vollversion stürzt beim Programmstart ab. Freeversion funktioniert. App-support öffnet Facebook, aber zum support gelangt man da nicht.

Has issues!!!!

I used to play this when it first came out. Thought i would download it again and start up. very disappointed this time. It crashes all the time. Especially when you go to send a chat message to your online opponent. In addition some users have the ability to cheat by avoiding their losing last turn. Somehow they pass their turn off to you so you end up moving until they win when they should have lost 3 moves ago. Very annoying. Makes me not want to play it at all. They also let the timer run out and nothing happens. Games will end for no reason and I lose points. Seems for any thing, no matter what I end up losing points.

Adjusting any settings crashes it

Stick with the free one. Adjusting the settings causes a crash. Nobody tests this before they release it?

Love the game

I dont have a problem with crashing but when I play online, if my opponent is losing they just leave the app running and I dont get credit for the win. Other than that I love it.


Great game love it, I even have wooden version


The last update allows the app to load the splash screen and then...poof. Gone. Happens on both ipad v4 and iphone4. No response from support.

The Best Mancalla App (When it Works)

For around a year, this was one of my favorite apps. It was pure, simple Mancalla with options for Single, Multiplayer, or Online games. It was excellent. Recently, (Aug-Oct 2013) the app closes as soon as it attempts to connect to Game Centre. It still works for single or two player, but crashes every time the app tries to connect to the internet. This would be a 5⭐️ game if it worked.

Crashes in iOS 7

Please fix ASAP!!!


Really love the game. Would be nice if morons just finish playing game and quit losing connection cause they are not going to win. Player who leaves should lose ten points no matter if the just quit or lose connection ruin with server. And opponent gets his points no matter what. Plus lately the game keeps crashing three turns in all the time??? Get your %#€$& together guys!!

Problem with the online gaming

The game is very nice but there are problems with the online game. Some bad players, in order to win, stop to play (the time countdown does not produce any effect), doing so they make other players leave the game

Fix the chat!!

Fix the chat!! Stop the crashes!!!


Used to be my favorite game. Cheaters have ruined the game and the developer does seem to want to fix it.

Big bug. Unable to play after the updade.

This updated is buged. The APP crashes when you open. Walt for The next update. :(

Still broken

It is still crashing. Please fix it. I love this game and would like to be able to play again. iPhone 4.

App doesnt open

App has a red ring around it and now wont open.


If I could give zero stars, I would. The app immediately crashes when trying to open. Try to contact the company, and get ignored. They release an alleged "bug fix" to fix ios5 issues, and nothing is fixed. It is weeks without the app working. What a ripoff. Do not buy !!

Cant play anymore

Newest update still crashes every time!

Is it going to be fixed??

Any idea when we can expect a real fix?

Still broken

Brought this app several years ago and worked great until the last update. Now it just crashes on startup. Do not buy until this crap gets fixed.

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