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Mancala: FS5 app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5808 ratings )
Games Entertainment Board Strategy
Developer: FlipSide5, Inc.
2.99 USD
Current version: 5.3.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Dec 2008
App size: 49.8 Mb

Eight great themes included! Plus the new Monsters, Fall and Jewelry Box Themes available. New Turn-Based mode lets you play online or against friends without interruption , never be lose a game because of a phone call again. Voice chat between Game Center friends!

Mancala FS5 is the best-of-breed Mancala game on the iPhone and iPad with multi-player support! Play this classic game in a way designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad.

Featured by Apple in Fun-Learning Games for Kids and in the best Turn Based games section.

Top 20 board game for over 3 years.

The reviews are in and they are great:
“Marble game gets everything right...the developers have done a fantastic job..this game has been executed to near perfection”

“Flipside 5 has an uncanny ability to take traditional games, add fantastic graphics, make excellent use of the touch screen and accelerometer, and end up with great games that are a whole lot of fun to play.”

Multi-player support over the Internet and play against your Game Center Friends
Multi-player Internet works over Wi-Fi, EDGE or 3G!
Invite friends to play a game with Push Notifications!
- Type custom instant messages to your opponent when playing Game Center and local network games!
- Play nearby games with Peer-to-Peer support over Bluetooth AND Wi-Fi.

- Leaderboards!
- Top 10 Highest Rated players using the same formula as World Chess Federation.

- Online games now have a timer for improved forfeit detection!

Pros and cons of Mancala: FS5 app for iPhone and iPad

Mancala: FS5 app good for

I dont have a problem with crashing but when I play online, if my opponent is losing they just leave the app running and I dont get credit for the win. Other than that I love it.
Just get it dont hesitate or waste time comparing with others
I like this one the best because you can play people online, if the animation was better I would hive it 5 stars
Seems as though the cheater problems have been addressed. Game plays as intended now. This is a terrific game!

Some bad moments

Last version doesnt work!!! And this version still doesnt work
Aber die Vollversion stürzt beim Programmstart ab. Freeversion funktioniert. App-support öffnet Facebook, aber zum support gelangt man da nicht.
I used to play this when it first came out. Thought i would download it again and start up. very disappointed this time. It crashes all the time. Especially when you go to send a chat message to your online opponent. In addition some users have the ability to cheat by avoiding their losing last turn. Somehow they pass their turn off to you so you end up moving until they win when they should have lost 3 moves ago. Very annoying. Makes me not want to play it at all. They also let the timer run out and nothing happens. Games will end for no reason and I lose points. Seems for any thing, no matter what I end up losing points.
Stick with the free one. Adjusting the settings causes a crash. Nobody tests this before they release it?
The last update allows the app to load the splash screen and then...poof. Gone. Happens on both ipad v4 and iphone4. No response from support.
Really love the game. Would be nice if morons just finish playing game and quit losing connection cause they are not going to win. Player who leaves should lose ten points no matter if the just quit or lose connection ruin with server. And opponent gets his points no matter what. Plus lately the game keeps crashing three turns in all the time??? Get your %#€$& together guys!!

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